Runs and Events

The decision has been made for Rotorua Ulysses members, and friends, to meet at the Aroma Cafe, cnr Fenton & Pukaki Streets for their “Saturday Morning Get-Togethers”. It is a great time for a general chin-wag.
Visiting Ulyssians are very welcome to join in the frivolity.

At the moment, most rides will leave from the Rotorua Z (Shell) Service Station at 10:00 am, cnr Fenton & Victoria Streets.

Please read each ride with care as the times and leaving place may be different.

The following are all “Weather Permitting” rides. If you are not sure if the run may be cancelled because of inclement weather, phone the Rider In Charge (RIC)

Saturday 14th December, 2019
Mangakino Santa Parade
The Parade starts at 11:00am. Try to meet us at Whakamaru before 10:45am
We don’t have to wear helmets in the Parade. Santa hats are only $3.00 at The Warehouse. Cheers, Colin Kepple, Tauranga.

Sunday 15th December 2019
Mini Gala
Raising Funds for the Amjazz Dance Studio trip to L.A.
Venue will be the Village Green, opposite the Novatel Hotel.
Gala will be run from 9:00am to 2:00pm.
Please present your bike, or trike, at some time during those times, and stay for a period as long as possible to show our machines to the public. Remember the interest we used to get at the Lakefront Cafe? Well, here is our chance to do that again.
You do not have to stay the entire time, and any time at all would be greatly appreciated by Branch Management. Maybe leave your machine while you wander around town, or lunch in Eat Street!! Hartley will be there to maintain security.
The chance to display our “Pride & Joy’s” is possible by a donation to the Studio fund-raising efforts. Please ensure that this is money well used by just, “Turning up”.
Any queries, or to confirm interest, ‘phone Gordon: 027 345 8634

25th – 27th January, 2020
Anniversary Weekend Ride
Proposed 2 nights away.
Saturday ride to Wanganui via Fields Track (due to part of SH4 being closed).
Sunday ride to New Plymouth.
Monday ride home via Mokau, Te Kuiti and Arapuni.

Other ideas we have been thinking of:
Day ride to Raetihi on SH4
Day ride to Raglan.
Ride to Hamilton to visit the Classic Car Museum.

If you have any ideas for an interesting run, please contact:
Rotorua Runs Coordinator
Hartley Gray  #6974
07 348 0555 (H)
021 916645 (M)